We manufacture shafts, bushings, pulleys , pins, flanges, chutes, protection meshes, shelves, trays, protection guards, structures, ANFO loaders 50, 75, 100 kg capacity and various mechanisms.

We are a solid company that is dedicated to metalworking services, which allows us to manufacture or build parts for mobile machinery or industrial plants.

Some of our features

  • Our ANFO LOADERS are certified by SGS (ASME BPV CODE) Hydrostatic Pressure Test.
  • We have anfo loaders of 25, 50, 75 and 100 kg. in stock and we can fabricate other sizes to any specifications.
  • We repair all sizes of Anfo Loaders.

You can see some of our repairing work in the following items:

«Anfo Charge Repair Service »
Servicio de Reparacion de Cargadores de Anfo
«Manufacture of loaders of different capacities»
Fabricación de cargadores de diferentes capacidades
«Hydrostatic test service of anfo loaders.»
Ejemplo de mesa apiladora reparada
«Service maintenance of all types of tanks at air pressure»
Reparacion de mesa apiladora
«Different models of Anfo Chargers»
Diferentes modelos de Cargadores de Anfo